Sleep Apnea Fast-Track Evaluation (Safe) Sleep Program

Dear Colleague,
Sleep Apnea Fast Track Evaluation (SAFE) sleep program has been developed by a coalition of sleep specialists who are dedicated to the field of sleep medicine. The objective of the program is to focus only on Evaluating Abstractive Sleep Apnea to escalate the process of evaluating, diagnosing and treatment for the OSA Patient.

Vermont Medical Sleep Disorders Center, Inc. has partnered with CleveMed to provide a comprehensive Home Apnea Sleep Test (HAST). This offers an easier option, as the patients will be able to spend the night in their own bed in familiar surroundings. Patient will not have to wait month to see a Sleep Specialist or to be scheduled in for an overnight in a sleep center and wait for follow-up visits. Our complete process is designed to take less than 2 weeks.

Our HAST program approved by the FDA will provide the Primary Physicians with a comprehensive report form a “sleep specialist interpretation” to include: Patient Information, Procedure, Sleep Time Efficiency, Respiratory Data, Based on 3% Calculation, Based on 4% Calculation, Oxygen Summary, Snoring, Pulse Rate Review, Impression and Recommendation for treatment.

After consultation with a Patient, Primary Physician will be able to order a OSA treatment plan, to include APAP or other recommendation with assistance of Vermont Medical Sleep Disorders Center, Inc.   

Primary Care Physicians can refer patients directly for facility sleep testing or home apnea sleep testing (HAST).

By filling out the below forms.

We are working to get this automated online, but for now…
Print out forms below, Fill out, then Scan and send to us:
Email to:  Vermont Sleep Disorder_Physicians
Fax to: 802-878-3757
Mail to:  Address 61 Pearl Street A39 Essex Junction, VT 05452

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Vermont Medical Sleep Disorders Center, Inc. will contact the patient and schedule the ordered test and send results back to the primary care Physician.

Home Apnea Sleep Test is available and can be completed within 2 weeks of order.


Primary care Physicians can refer patients directly by filling out and sending in the following forms:(above)
  • Referral form
  • EPworth
  • Physician notes
We will contact the patient and schedule them for an in-lab sleep study.

Medicare & Medicaid requires physician’s office visits notes when ordering sleep diagnostics testing or equipment and supplies in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
“Anytime, Anywhere”

  • Soft silicone nasal seals

  • Uses the patient’s own exhalation to generate EPAP (Expiratory Postitive Airway Pressure)

  • No machine, electricity, or batteries required

  • Small size makes it discreet and convenient

  • Includes an optional headgear, a travel case, and a drying stand

  • Use at home, traveling, camping, etc.,

  • Reusable



  • FDA cleared for treating mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

  • Clinically tested to demonstrate safety and effectiveness

  • Supplemental lifestyle option for your compliant patients

  • Patient friendly option for your non-compliant patients

  • Starter kit includes all sizes for easy, hassle-free fitting